Dully maintained and cared for floor will remain beautiful for decades. In order to maintain the good new look of the floor, which is exploited every day, it is necessary to follow the basic floor care and maintenance recommendations.

Solid wood floors expand and contract depending on the microclimate of a room because of their natural properties. In order to prevent deformation of the wood, the room must be maintained at 18-22 ° C and 45-65% relative humidity.

Natural wood floor surfaces, both oiled and varnished, must be protected from dust, dirt and other hard abrasive particles, as well as from the water, they shall be cleaned with a moist cloth or using a vacuum cleaner with a soft nozzle. Specially designed cleaning agents are recommended for the treatment of wooden floors: balm - for oiled floors, the shampoo, which pH does not exceed 8 - for lacquered floors. The ideal humidity for cleaning is such, when the cleaned floor surface dries in approximately one minute. Never, in no way, pour water directly on the floor.

Oiled floors are more care demanding and are less resistant to water, but their maintenance is cheaper. Depending on the intensity of operating, oiled floors should be renewed regularly - to re-cover them with oil.  In the premises of low, medium and intensive use, it is advisable to renew the oiled floors respectively - every 2 years, every 1 year, and every half of a year. Resulting scratches are easily removed by polishing the affected area with sandpaper and then covering it with oil. In the event of damages are deeper, they should be removed using a special filling tool designated for this purpose - polyamide. If you want to give additional protection for wooden floors, cover their surface with an additional layer of polish intended for oiled surfaces. The polisher covers the floor with a protective film. Thus, the oiled floors are better protected from moisture and minor mechanical damage, their life expectancy is increased. Before starting to use, it is recommended to oil additionally the newly laid floor covered with natural oil.  This procedure shall not be performed with a newly laid lacquered floor.

Lacquered floors are more resistant to water and physical stress then the oiled ones, however the renovation and repair thereof is more expensive and more complicated. Having vanished again individual damaged spots, the differences of shade remain persistent, therefore you have to renew the whole surface, which must be polished and re-vanished.

It is advisable to leave the newly laid floor at least for 10 days to settle, let the glue to dry and let the new flooring finally adapt to the environment microclimate.

A small and recommended to everybody detail - a door mat - will reduce significantly the amount of dirt entering into the room, and this will enable your floor to maintain the original appearance for a longer time.


  Washing oiled wood surfaces too often increases the chance of too quickly to remove the protective layer of oil.
   Wooden oiled surfaces will not only remain clean, but also will gain additional protection if the floor cleaning  soap concentrate are used: OSMO WISCH - FIX 8016
   To remove old stains (eg., grease or shoe left stains) use OSMO LIQUID WAX REMOVER.
   To update the wooden oiled surfaces contained in public spaces (eg., restaurants, museums, airports and other busy areas of movement) is recommended to use: OSMO WOOD CARE OIL. Also, by using a regular (once every 1.5 years) can avoid costly full restoration of wooden surfaces.
   To clean very old stubborn stains we recommend: OSMO INTENSIVE CLEANER 8019th. If the products listed before in no way did not help clean up the the stains, this remover is the latest tool that can help prevent and oiled wooden surface grinding.
 More information about the oiled floor care and maintenance products you will find in OSMO catalog. Click on the link to download the catalog: