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Classic style of engineered floor
With a sense of elegance and lightness and close to Select style, the parquets  of Classic style have a sharper timber texture.
Birch and oak parquets which are richer with timber widgets are suitable for your esthetical life. 

The main characteristics of the style:
• Top layer of parquet - highest quality oak or birch wood
• Fresh knots to 35 mm are allowed
• Open knots to 20 - 30  mm are allowed
• Natural fissures are allowed on the surface of the board
• All fissures / branches are filled
• Sapwood till 5% is allowed
• Natural fissures (20 mm lenght, 2 mm width) are allowed at the ends
• You can choose parquet boards without finish, oiled or lacquered in chosen color
• Parquet boards are suitable for heated floor


920 x 195 x 16/13 mm
940 x 195 x 16/13 mm
1200 x 195 x 16/13 mm
1240 x 195 x 16/13 mm
1500 x 195 x 16/13 mm
1800 x 195 x 16/13 mm

Colors of double layer oak parquet boards